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Posten norge i promise light and frivolity but for those seeking something deeper. Here’s this year’s christmas ad from norway’s always-innovative postal service. Posten’s video “from words to actions” addresses our environmental challenges. And what happens if we ignore what’s right in front of us. That pull and push. Playe out through the relationship of mr. Claus and mother earth. A mother who has no more chances to give. 15. Disney i’m handing it over to disney to close us out of this list of top christmas ads. Disney brings us “the gift” – a heartfelt reminder that new beginnings really are magical – and that the true gift of christmas is family:

Any social media strategy worth

Any social media strategy worth its salt needs to be measured properly. Yet you might be latest database surprised by how many marketers don’t think to look past the data found on the ‘Overview’ tab.

While no one would argue about the importance of keeping track of those stats (that’s why they’re right up front), there’s more valuable intelligence to be gathered by doing a deeper dive.

Let’s look at the top platforms and find out the best social media metrics you should track for each one to boost brand awareness and improve social media ROI.

Facebook is still the most popular social media

Facebook (owned by parent company Meta) is still the most popular social media network out there according to Statista despite competition from newcomer DV Leads TikTok and second-place YouTube. For businesses, Facebook offers a range of advertising options that are highly targeted and have a broad reach. So how do you use Facebook analytics to grow and engage?

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