questions about the user experience of the first seconds

It only takes a fraction of a second for your visitors to form an opinion about your website and therefore about your business. In real life, a tenth of a second is enough to make a first impression on a person. On the Internet, it’s about 50 milliseconds to form an opinion. Those 0.05 seconds will determine whether your visitors will stay or leave immediately. Certainly testimonials, customer reviews, high quality content certainly contribute to the credibility of a website, but this first impression is essentially based on what your user can immediately see and remember.

What does a first impression mean for a website

Most of your visitors (90%?) will only come to your site once in their lifetime. You don’t have a second chance. From the first fraction of a second, the Mexico Phone Number List design of your website must influence Internet users to make them interact. Good website design is essential in today’s highly visual market.Remember that internet presence is a long-distance race. So regularly take the time to go through these 9 points to identify what you can improve.Ah one last point, make sure you have content free of spelling mistakes .

How to make a good first impression on a website

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The first 7 seconds are crucial. Focus on your website speed first. Expect people to scroll down the page. Promote engaging content. Intro videos DV Leads  always grab your attention. Don’t forget to use the negative space by ventilating as much as possible. Fine-tune with a heatmap tool.On the internet too, the first impression is very important and these 9 points are above all common sense rules.

Monitor your bounce rate and the average time spent on your landing pages on Google Analytics. These 2 indicators give you a small insight into what your visitors think of your website.


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