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When you compare these results with those of competitors, you can see where your points for improvement lie, but also where your strengths lie. What do you do better compar to competitors? And where are your points for improvement in the field of conversion? Read more in this article: ‘ 7 tips for boosting your e-commerce ‘. Website optimization through growth We share the 4 most important tips with you to grow your website and your conversions . Would you like to know more about these tips, e-commerce and conversion? Then you can also look here.

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Step Make sure your website is searchable People who search for a specific product via a search bar tend to order this product faster than people who spontaneously end up with a certain product when they view your website. In addition, people who use a search bar order 2.4x faster than people who don’t use a search bar. It is therefore Austria WhatsApp Number List interesting for the “target searchers” to have a well-functioning search bar on your website. In addition, make sure that the search bar is clearly visible. Step 2: Place your products in a strategic place on the website The ‘fold’ is the line up to which a web page is visible. Anything lower than the fold can only be seen when a website visitor starts scrolling.

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Did you know that as many as 30% of online shoppers don’t scroll beyond the first fold? So it’s important to make sure you make the most of everything above the fold! Make sure people immiately see your best products. It is also smart to show offers, such as a combination of different products, above the fold, so that people are immiately DV Leads trigger to buy products when they visit your website. Step 3: Go through all the steps of the shopping cart It seems attractive to send your customers to the shopping cart as quickly as possible, from where they place their order. Nevertheless, it is smart to also pay attention to the so-call mini shopping cart.

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