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Visitors can become customers by purchasing something, signing up or registering, making an appointment, and so on. Conversion means that you have achiev success. The customer has committ to your company – in whatever way – and is interest in your company’s service or product. Converting online therefore gives you something and that is why it is important to focus on conversion optimization. Why is it important to measure conversion? Measuring conversion gives you insight into what works and what doesn’t work within your company.

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It shows what customers are interest in and what are the ways for your company to bring in customers. By gaining insight into online conversion, specifically the conversions on your own website, you gain insight into what your customer wants and where he drops out. Measuring conversion can help you improve and optimize your  product or service. Moreover, it can help you with website optimization and your marketing. Conversion Australia WhatsApp Number List optimization: how does it work? You cannot achieve conversion optimization by changing one thing on your website. In conversion optimization we look at 5 different indicators, the so-call Key Performance Indicators. Bas on these indicators, we look at how good the conversion of an existing website is at the moment.

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Indicator Product view rate’ During this phase you look at how often a product page is view compar to the total number of views a website gets. Indicator 2: ‘Add-to-Cart Rate’ The percentage of visitors who put at least one product in DV Leads their shopping cart on the website. Indicator 3: ‘Checkout rate’ The percentage of creat shopping baskets that are ultimately channel to the payment page. Indicator 4: ‘Conversion Rate’ This is the main indicator. We look at the total number of orders that are actually plac on the website, divid by the number of visitors to the website. Indicator 5: ‘Cart Abandonment Rate’ The percentage of shopping baskets that have been creat, but which ultimately did not result in an order.

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