Writing Voice and Dare to Say Important

Attention economy social mia Of course there was advertising and with it the fight for your attention even before social mia. But never before has it been possible to measure so precisely which topics headlines content formats and the like work. In times of clickbaiting fake news and cat videos anything seems legitimate to get our attention. The main thing is that the engagement rate is right You could also put it like this There are people whose job it is to get your attention and make it as difficult as possible for you to go offline. No wonder it seems almost impossible to get rid of FOMO again.

Things You Re Probably Writing a Lot

Tips to get rid of or avoid FOMO Nobody really cares if you don t go to the party Break the hustle culture A lot would be gain if freelancers could break through the hustle culture they are expos to all over social mia. If they saw self employment as just one of several important areas of life and didn t prioritize it day after day over health Ecuador Phone Number List family friends and their hobbies. Of course this cannot be chang overnight. But you can start today and. Set limits for customers and simply turn off your smartphone when you re done really take your time off while we re at it take your health seriously and ensure you get enough exercise banish your smartphone from the broom.

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Okay Mediocre and Semi Good

Pad pen quill and candles next to a clos laptop Start yours now 100 Days of Mindfulness LEARN MORE Start with self esteem Realize that you are good enough. That what you know what you can and what you do 100 good enough DV Leads at all times. You can use what you already have knowlge experience intuition and don t have to watch thirty YouTube videos or buy online courses. If you ne a little reminder that you can trust yourself this way please. Reflect on your behavior Try to reflect on your behavior and ask yourself Why did I pick up my smartphone now What do I actually ne right now.

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