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Every inbound sales call is a real opportunity to make a sale, or at least leave a positive impression of your business. It is therefore essential to make the most of such a call. Preparing for inbound sales calls and the role of CRM When you call a prospect yourself, you assume that they may be interest in what your company has to offer. The beauty of inbound calls is that you already know for sure. When you’re inbound sales, your job is to figure out what potential buyers ne, what challenges they face, and what goals they have in mind. You achieve this by knowing what your buyer personas are and collecting information about your current prospects.

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This is where CRM and marketing automation come into play. When you track your prospects’ activity , you can tailor the conversation to their interests and proactively give them the information they ne to make a purchase. When leads Norway Phone Number List do something with content, it leads to a digital profile: an overview of all forms of interaction with what you have online. Examples include web pages view, interaction with the content itself, and personal information they left behind. You absolutely ne such a digital profile to know how your caller reach the current point in your customer journey.

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Inbound sales conversations: what am I going to say? Because your prospect has actively respond to your inbound marketing, you should have already collect a wealth of information. So whatever problem they have, you have the solution. But how do you handle this? Create an incoming call handbook containing the most DV Leads frequently ask questions. This is a good way to familiarize new colleagues more quickly. You can add to the handbook as you go along. It’s also worth considering creating a generic call script for incoming calls. Include questions that help you determine how serious your prospect’s interest is and whether your company can really do something for this prospect.

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