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Are you ready Then I ll start at the beginning and tell everything in order… Contents Part 1 Dream big… Part 2 … and who does the laundry ompared to the poor performers. This also applies to the extent to which organizations can make a good forecast of the number of cases and demand and adjust the staffing accordingly. As shown above, even high-performing teams struggle with onboarding new staff from home. Less than a third of service professionals said their organization is doing this well, implying there is still a lot of room for improvement and growth. Self realization meets Gender Care Gap Self realization meets privilege Self realization meets exploitation Dream big with a twist Sources Part 1 Dream big.

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Let s start with the fluffy part which is about dreams. Of big dreams. Because if you re self employ and haven t been living under a rock for the past few years you probably know the cro of most business coaches and inspirational quotes out there dream big dream big think big Set big goals. Shoot for the stars… and if you don Nepal Phone Number List t succe you ll end up on the moon I have to admit I like to think big too. In theory that all sounds great. You can achieve anything you want. Own business. Financial independence. joy meaning and fulfillment. Six digit or seven digit sales. In the month Isn t that so much nicer than a part time job in the office with a stupid boss and a measly pension.

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For sure But that would be the end of the fluff and we come to the second. Less nice part of the blog article the mundane things. I warn you Part 2 … and who does the laundry Unfortunately the inspiring motivational quotes from business coaches on social mia do not reveal who is cleaning the booth while you dream big. Anyone DV Leads who shops cooks loads and unloads the dishwasher keeps the piatrician’s appointments bakes the muffins for the cake buffet in the kindergarten washes dries and puts away the laundry dusts vacuums wipes the floor cleans the windows thinks about nutritious dinners and Writing shopping lists bringing and picking up children baking banana bread for Sunday coffee.

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