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The opportunity with customer X is greater than I thought. I ne to follow up with my manager Y on this next week.” Einstein voice technology uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to detect your voice command. Once it recognizes your voice, it will provide a transcription of what you said. It then determines the intent of your comment, such as whether you gave a question or a command. The next step is that through natural language understanding (NLU) all unstructur data is convert into a structur form that the computer understands and can do something with. In the example above it is: “Hey Einstein, take a note (note). The opportunity (update an opportunity) with customer X is greater than I thought. I ne to follow up (a reminder) to my manager Y on this next week.

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So what do we see? Einstein automatically converts your note’s unstructur data into structur data in Salesforce. So you can easily enter your comments, create a task and update a field about the relevant opportunity. With Einstein Voice, you can combine technologies such as smart speakers with navigating dashboards in a mobile Guatemala WhatsApp Number List application. With templates you can roll this out across multiple channels and you can activate more and more functions with your voice. This gives an increase in productivity and increases customer engagement.Satisfi customers thanks to PostNL’s digital transformation IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION , CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT.

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TRAILBLAZER STORY Satisfi customers thanks to PostNL’s digital transformation Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! In 2020, the number of online orders in the Benelux DV Leads increas enormously. More than a third of consumers said they had bought something online more often because of Covid-19 . For retailers and manufacturers, adapting their website to handle that huge spike in demand was just the first challenge. To scale up, they also had to adjust their app.

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