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Marketing communication had to be overhaul and a new delivery service had to be set up to meet the wishes and expectations of the customer. Digital display banner for the State of the Connect Customer report, 4th ition. During the pandemic, PostNL was an important link between retailers and consumers. The company deliver a record 337 million packages in 2020, and 1.7 million packages per day during peak periods. “We had to learn very quickly from the circumstances and now use all kinds of data and algorithms. As a result, we now know what happens on the delivery side if the measures regarding COVID-19 are relax or tighten,” says Marcel Krom.

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CIO of PostNL , which also had to deal with many more sent greeting cards and letters in 2020. Great service across all channels Despite this unforeseen peak, PostNL was determin to provide a great customer experience and to satisfy the customer both online and at all other touchpoints. Research from Salesforce shows that Honduras WhatsApp Number List nearly 80% of consumers consider the customer experience just as important as the products or services a company sells. “We want people to immiately think of PostNL when they hear the word ‘delivery service’ and to be happy when they see our delivery person arrive,” says Krom. “We try to achieve that feeling not only through the deliver packages, but also through all the other things we do, including all online activities.

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PostNL pioneers to satisfy the customer PostNL has been working on expanding its online activities since 2014 and has now launch a whole package of solutions to exce customer expectations. The service has therefore only become DV Leads more efficient and better. “It is wise to think three to four years ahead,” says Krom, winner of the CIO of the Year Award 2020. Thanks to this future-orient approach, PostNL has now implement a whole range of innovations, such as robots that process the parcels, chatbots that support customer service, advanc analytics and mobile apps.

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