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Here are the most important points again Show your empathy through sincere listening and implementing what you have heard in your texts Sharing experiences that were difficult for you deep understanding of the nes of your customers and addressing them in helpful offers Show your competence by Success stories from customers that also show the hurdles you have accompani the heroes through Facts dates and numbers that support your story Guest posts that demonstrate that your expertise and opinion is recogniz externally.

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Why I don t use an itorial plan for my blog 8th June It seems to be an unwritten law among marketing consultants If you have a blog – or do content marketing – you ne an itorial plan I don t see it that way. Why itorial plans sometimes do more harm than good Why I said goodbye to itorial plans How I write and publish my blog articles Afghanistan Phone Number List without an itorial plan I will tell you in this blog article. Contents The problem with itorial plans Why I said goodbye to itorial plans How to write blog articles without itorial plans And does that work Conclusion The problem with itorial plans itorial schules can be a form of procrastination.

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How much time I us to waste with itorial plans It all start when I was looking for the perfect itorial plan tool for ages . Should I create my itorial plans with Trello excel asanas With a print blog planner Or should I rather create my own template for my itorial plan Once I had decid on the right tool Trello I then spent days filling DV Leads the itorial schule with exciting topics. Then I thought about this plan. And then I push individual topics back and forth in the time slots. Then I delet topics. And add them back. Then I tagg topics with colors. And then I chang the colors again.

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