Some stores have already seen the potential of and are already

Some stores have already seen customer testimonials. But, it’s not just the sale of products that is a lucrative business on , the sale of services also has space. For example, if you provide designer services, you can share on some services you’ve already done and attract more customers. Of course, this is just an example, you can promote different types of services there. For example: sher online or in person, you can earn money on  by promoting these services.

when you are making the live video

Make live videos How to Make Money on make money with  by doing lives in the app Another way to earn money with is by doing  lives in the app. Are making the live video, your followers send you gifts and these  UK Mobile Number List gifts can be money. But for that you have to have some criteria required by the platform. For example, having at least 1,000 followers, at least 16 years old to do lives the money . This is the most basic way. Active content creators on the platform can be sponsored by brands to do lives or be part of the Creator  program. But, if requirements or are partnering with brands, there is another way to use lives to earn money.

your community on that subject

How to make money with lives on . An excellent way to make money doing lives on  and that can be even more profitable than those mentioned above  own. You can do a live on a certain subject and at the end publicize your  your course, your community on that subject. You DV Leads can also do this for products you are affiliated with. In addition,of the live. 4. Sponsorship If before brands were interested in sponsoring influencers to promote their products on Instagram, now they are wanting to go further. Some brands are already sponsoring within .

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