What is a Landing Page? This is the Difference with Websites & Microsites

Surely you are familiar with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Yes, these names are social media websites.

This type of website allows users to connect and communicate with each other.

Also usually, users have control for their own page like appearance. And users can create content that is shared on your social media.

Have your own page or account on Facebook or other social media. It can help your business grow, such as increasing brand awareness to customers.

Types of Website Based on Appearance

Types of websites based on this view are divided into 3 namely static websites, dynamic websites and interactive websites.

The following is a brief explanation of the three types of websites, including:

A website whose appearance does not change is called a static website. websites that build forums, blogs or social media.

Usually a static website is used in making a Algeria Mobile Number List company profile website (company profile) where there are not many changes to the information in it.

Even though it is said to be a static website, this website can still change the structure of the website in the future if there is a change in information.

Dynamic Websites

Unlike a static website, a dynamic website is a website whose appearance can change frequently. What is a Landing Page?

An example of a dynamic website is a website used by a news agency. Choose a dynamic website because it allows us to update information more frequently.

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Lastly is an interactive website, where the website is used as a good communication tool between internet users, customers and online sellers and so on.

Interactive websites are usually used by DV Leads websites that build forums, blogs or social media. What is a Landing Page?

Currently the use of static website views, dynamic websites and interactive websites is usually combined in one website.

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