Spend as little time as possible with all your tools

This is for example the case with #audreytips: A team takes care of our accounts on Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn Another manages WordPress, Twitter, Mailchimp, Google Search Console, Analytics In addition, we also share access to some of the tools with the rest of the team to help us on this or that point. finally, our customers give us access to all of their tools as part of our support in generating traffic on their stem Teamwork can increase your results tenfold, but be careful not to set aside the protection of your business.

Working as a team: yes, definitely, but without

In Digital Marketing, Google Analytics is the fundamental tool to analyze your web traffic. All this detailed information about your traffic is used to gauge your Internet communication efforts in order to generate even more visitors to your company’s site and therefore more potential customers.

Any company absolutely must have an Analytics account, properly Cambodia Phone Number List connected to your website to report real-time traffic data from your website. And besides, it’s free. Being able to understand how your customers and prospects are interacting with your site and its content is vital to getting better results in the future.

Protecting your business well: the basics

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And since data is infinitely more valuable when shared, Google Analytics comes standard with a feature to share that data within your team. You assign a user on your Analytics account one of the following 4 different permission levels: Read and analyze . This type of user can – as its name suggests – analyze the data offered by Analytics Collaborate . This level can modify and create views, annotations, dashboards, … Edit . With this level of access, a user can, among other things, delete accounts, filters, views, etc. Manage users . This level of rights allows you to configure and modify everything in your Analytics account.

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