The Typical Fomo Symptoms Fomo

What would my marketing look like if integrity was my most important value If you are still not clear what integrity means exactly then let me explain briefly Integrity means that what is important to us and what we do are in harmony with each other. Values ​​and actions… Beliefs and actions… Inside and outside congruent. Now I would have always describ myself as a person of integrity. But my marketing. As I ask myself this question I realiz I was further from integrity in my marketing than I ever thought. No of course I didn t cheat my customers.

Popc Fomo and Fobo Chronic Stress

And of course I was always friendly and helpful to them. But I found that a lot of what I was doing in my online business didn t align with my values ​​when I was 100 honest with myself. For years I implement various strategies Jamaica Phone Number List because I heard somewhere out there If you want to be successful in your own business you ne social mia . If you want to have a lot of customers you have to place ads. If you want to have a lot of newsletter subscriptions you ne a freebie. social mia advertisements. freebies For years I didn t question these strategies because well they seem to work by and large and of course I want to be successful and wealthy.

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The Ability to Concentrate and Productivity

But did they really fit my values ​​and beliefs If I was completely honest with myself no. To be completely honest with myself I didn t want to… Use ads to get people to do something they probably wouldn t have done without the ad DV Leads pushing even more data down the throat of a company like Meta so that they could make even more money sow more hate and suffering in the world and Mark Zuckerberg could buy even more houses in his neighborhood to have privacy Don t track people and document what they did on my website.

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