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Getting people to subscribe to my newsletter by picking a strategically smart freebie Join the attention hunt and interrupt people reading my site content with a smartly tim popup . I didn t want any of that. I do not want that. That s why I not only delet my last social mia account with Facebook at the beginning of the year in the last few weeks I ve also chang a few things in my business and my website in the background.  FB pixel and Pinterest tag are now gone from the site. Not only will I no longer run ads but you will no longer be track by Meta and Pinterest when you are on my site.

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I said bye bye to pop ups . Apart from the cookie banner which I am currently still oblig to use you no longer have to click away or click away when you are on my website but can concentrate 100 on reading my texts . My e mail course my freebie zero euro product whatever the legally correct name for it is no longer exists. From Jordan Phone Number List now on people who really want to receive my newsletter can subscribe to my newsletter. People who are interest in the mini course can now buy the freshly revis course Social Mia Free separately at a reasonable price. Will I have fewer newsletter subscriptions Will I have fewer customers Will I make less sales I don t know.

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Perhaps Almost everyone who knows me found me through my blog. Interview with Victoria Weber Apr 11 Victoria Weber is a web designer. Who has since made a name for herself as a Squarespace expert. Social mia has never DV Leads play a major role in their online marketing. In an interview Victoria reveal to me how she sells her services and launches online programs without making constant posts. Dear Victoria we have one thing in common we are both self employ but we don t really feel like social mia.

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