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HubSpot (or any other CRM) centralizes all the data associated with your prospects and customers. This database is of enormous value to your business. Losing this data to a hacker is a real disaster for your business! Generally speaking, I have given you a method to generate passwords that are easy to remember but very secure. This is an important point to properly manage your professional activity and prevent hackers from recovering your data. If you have put all my recommendations in place, your activity is now under control.

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It is necessary, but not sufficient. I spoke about it recently with Julien Gueniat , author and founder of Organisology . Julien presented to me his method of continuous improvement DV Leads  applied to Content marketing and natural referencing. In 2010, getting to the first page on Google was almost child’s play. You need to have an SEO strategy and put in some serious effort (or pay someone to do it). So how do you improve your SEO ranking without killing yourself?

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