Thanks to the user choosing a topic or response

These types of conversations develop. Thanks to the user choosing a topic or response within a multiple selection scenario. And then following a route that resolves their concerns or desires among the alternatives offered. This is a less conversation-like process, but equally effective for the consumer. A good example to visualize the scope of a chatbot within a digital strategy is to imagine an online store in which we offer printed t-shirts. A user who wants to buy a t-shirt in the store would have to enter the platform, browse the options, choose the one they like and then buy it.

How to solve it with a chatbot

A process that today seems slow and boring to many. How to b2b email list solve it with a chatbot . The prospect would go to the t-shirt brand’s facebook page, for example; you would open the chat to chat with the store and you would find the product options—basic t-shirts, polo t-shirts, or printed t-shirts. By clicking on the option you prefer, you can begin a journey through which the robot identifies what you are looking for and, at the end, presents you with the url of the shirt you want, ready to add it to the shopping cart and process the transaction. As if this were not enough, chatbots also incorporate artificial intelligence in all their interactions; therefore, they will be able to learn from each of them to improve and offer a fantastic experience to users in the future.

Digital natives prefer to interact with machines

This is evident in very advanced chatbots such as which. as the days DV Leads and interactions go by. offer more accurate responses to users. Digital natives prefer to interact with machines rather than people . Keep this in mind when developing your customer service strategy. Relevant data on the use of chatbots in marketing conversational robots are more common than most imagine and, in addition, they are more well received by users than anyone thinks. A study by the firm ensures that 64% of customers prefer that companies solve their questions or problems via chat before calling customer service by phone.

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