I’m back! Or had I never left

I’m back Social fatigue or exhaustion due to the stress that social networks cause us is common and frequently repeated. Many of you will know people who have closed a social profile or have completely withdrawn from social networks. I have the feeling of having gone through all the phases several times. My first steps in social networks on a professional level were with Twitter profile in 2009.

Return to social networks: I never really left I’m back

I’m back Obviously I never got around to leaving social media, I simply top industry data changed the plan and adapted. I kept my real activity on Linkedin and I kept the others. But lately I have found the desire to actively participate in other networks besides Linkedin. Recently I have started using Twitter again beyond simply publishing my own content, that is, with the intention of interacting and surprisingly I am getting hooked again. I have reunited with old tweeting friends.

What is my plan for social media now never left

I intend to make a return from less to more. Try it and if I see that DV Leads they add value to me, I’ll see what paths I take. Resume the habit of reading my Feedly, but reducing reading to the highest value sources. Focus my activity on Linkedin and Twitter. Observe Instagram. Leave Facebook: it has been “dead” for quite some time (as have the profiles I investigate for my clients’ competition analyses). 

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