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Talking to your fellow human beings You don t have to do something every minute of your life be online all the time. You can also just be . Apps against FOMO If you ne digital support to get rid of FOMO check out these apps mental Space I haven t test it myself but maybe it s something for you. Delete social mia I myself took a radical step to get rid of FOMO and delet my social mia profiles as I wrote here and there . It was fascinating to see that in the first few days I was still automatically reaching for my smartphone to check Insta but that completely stopp after a few weeks. I now feel FOMO when I think about social mia and 100 JOMO.

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And if I want to know how certain people are doing I simply write them a message meet them for a virtual coffee in Zoom or see them live and in color. Uninstall emails from smartphone If you re the type of person who constantly Estonia Phone Number List checks email try uninstalling the email apps from your smartphone. Plus e mails on the smartphone are real time wasters . Most of the time we just read the emails and reply later when we re back at the computer. I decid years ago that I didn t ne emails on my smartphone. And it s gorgeous. Establish mindful rituals Start your day without a smartphone. End your day without a smartphone.

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Take breaks without a smartphone. Mindful rituals are the best guarantee for digital health and a healthy phone life balance . A pen quill notebook and candle stand next to a clos laptop Start yours now 100 Days of Mindfulness DV Leads LEARN MORE Frequently ask questions about FOMO Fear of missing out What does the abbreviation FOMO mean What is the opposite of FOMO What do the abbreviations LOMO FOBO and MOMO mean What does nomophobia mean How does FOMO show up in marketing Is FOMO a disease What can you do about FOMO.

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