The structure of product pages

View reviews from other customers . By showing the number of reviews left by other users and the rating they give you, your website gains transparency and credibility . You can add a “testimonials” section. Interesting sections for  the user, presenting your products with a certain emphasis. For example, “Bestsellers”, “Most viewed”, “Most shared”. This gives a new feeling to your site, which will make the visitor want to keep browsing. Consider the order of the products . The first to appear are the ones most likely to sell, so put the products you want to sell and the most eye-catching ones at the start.

Don’t neglect the price display

Showing €4.90 instead of €5 artificially reduces much more than 10 cents. Similarly, with crossed out costs and discounts, you immediately create the feeling of having a special occasion.

Intense emotions ( fear, nostalgia, etc.) make your product easier to remember. Techniques like Storytelling  capture the audience’s attention . You establish a link with your consumers and encourage them to take an interest in your product, and even generate word-of-mouth.

Don’t minimize the importance of an attractive and catchy title . It is the first thing that catches the eye. Use captivating words like “offer”, “unique”, “free”…

Identify “  mental triggers ”. These are Italy Phone Number List the stimuli that lead a consumer to make a decision. The best example is Black Friday, which is a natural incentive to buy. It engenders a sense of urgency or scarcity with a “limited supply”.

Always help your customers

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Offer support  anywhere on your website. Don’t let the user think you just want to sell, make them feel like you’re there to help them, giving them a less hostile and more personalized environment.

My advice:  never forget what can influence the first impression .

audrey: thank you Luciana for this presentation DV Leads on neuromarketing. Let me add that these different tools give a scientific view of the success of a website or an advertisement. However, they do not take into account the environment. Indeed, being locked in an MRI cabin is very different from sitting in your armchair, a smartphone in your hand, with your children playing next to you in your living room.

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