How to apply Neuromarketing to the design of a website

Pupillometry measures the dilation of the pupils in response to certain stimuli. Thus, you determine the level of emotional arousal and cognitive processing of the consumer, as well as the level of attention in relation to the Marketing action envisaged. Face reading uses software that measures patterns of facial expressions upon receiving stimuli. You thus identify different types of emotions, negative or positive, such as happiness, anger, sadness or nervousness. With easy coding, you understand if the tested marketing action is causing the impact you are looking for.

These tools are the best known and most effective in Neuromarketing

Note:  by combining these different methods, you have a precise overview of the reaction and opinion  of your users on a product or an advertising New Zealand Mobile Number List campaign. Thus, you increase your chances of capturing the attention of your target populati There are more traditional techniques for studying consumer behavior and their motivation in decision-making.

One example is surveys. Although very useful, their accuracy is often degraded by too many factors that can influence respondents’ answers. Indeed, only the way of asking the question influences the answers.

approximately of our purchasing decisions are made unconsciously

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Therefore, our behavior as consumers is driven primarily by our subconscious. This is why neuroscience offers a more reliable option to study these unconscious consumer reactions to marketing stimuli .

The main advantages of Neuromarketing are:

  • Based on human behavior , it shapes your marketing strategies to achieve better results,
  • It is a non-invasive technique . Indeed, there is no DV Leads need to ask questions to the consumer,
  • By knowing precisely what your end customer wants, you will create better products and improve the user experience. Eventually, you build a stronger connection with the user and improve their engagement.
  • Scientifically backed , neuromarketing exhibits a very high level of accuracy and objectivity, like surveys that can be heavily influenced by the awareness of the subject of study.
  • You also have comparison tools to test different models and select the most profitable.

In addition, Neuromarketing studies the reactions perceived by the visual, the auditory and the kinesthetic.


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