How to Check Website Ranking with Google’s Free Tool

After you have a website, it becomes very important to know how and how to check the ranking or ranking of the website that you manage.

This is to find out how effective efforts are in bringing in visitors using organic methods, namely SEO.┬áIn this article, Sasana Digital will discuss how to check your website’s ranking.

Why is Website Ranking Important?

One of the goals of having a website is to get lots of visitors and increase the likelihood of transactions happening on the website, so ranking factors in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and others will greatly affect your business.

This happens because by getting ranked in search engines, your website will have the opportunity to be seen by users and it is likely that the number of visits will be greater.

Using search engines today is also the most efficient way for consumers to search and find information online.

When compared to the lower level, users will first see the top search results before continuing to see the search results below or on the next page.

Then, if the user has found the Cambodia Email List information, product, or service needed, it is almost certain that the search results below will not get clicks.

Users will usually rely completely on the suggested answers in search engines to find the information they want.

What is SERP? This is How to Maximize Your Site in Search Engines!

Correlation between Website Ranking and SEO Techniques

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Ranking is an important part of SEO or search engine optimization strategy, so it cannot be underestimat.

Especially for now, website ranking optimization on the Google search engine is the highest with a market share percentage of up to 80%.

There is research, 40% of internet users click DV Leads on sites that are in position 1, more than 30% are likely to get clicks on sites that are rank 2. Then, 24% of internet users visit websites that are in rank 3, while the rest are around 6%. clicking on sites that are rank 4 and after.

Even for experienced internet users, they tend to choose the top 3 search results for the keywords they type.

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