What is SERP? This is How to Maximize Your Site in Search Engines!

Paid search results will usually occupy the top position on the search engine results page. 

Generally located in positions 1-5 depending on how many paid search results are displayed by search engines. Meanwhile, organic is located after the paid search results.

SEO Friendly: Understanding Along with 9 Tips for Writing SEO

SEM is able to provide fast results to bring visitors to the website that you manage. You can see it from how many visitors or clicks when running an ad campaign.

Meanwhile, SEO cannot quickly generate Comoros Email List visitors unless the keywords you are targeting have no competitors.

It takes several months to see whether the SEO techniques that have been implemented have worked well or not.

 SEM is easier to test than SEO

SEM can be easily tested and refined as compared to SEO. Because we can see the results of the advertising campaign in just a few moments. If you feel you don’t have good prospects, then you can edit the ad campaign that is running.

There are also ways such as changing ads, targeting new audiences, and trying to change the content contained on the website page the ad is targeting.

Unlike paid search results, SEO cannot be tested in this way. Because in SEO techniques one of the things that needs to be considered is the nature of the algorithm that can change.

Of course, testing is a big part of any SEO strategy, it’s just that SEM makes it so easy to do.

Both SEO and SEM

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Are ways to make your website get visitors from search results.

Both SEO and SEM have differences DV Leads that can help you decide which one to choose for your website.

Now besides SEM, there are other techniques that can boost sales many times through a paid strategy. This technique is Facebook & Instagram Ads which you can learn in the Sasana Digital Lab online course!

This online course will discuss in full from preparation, strategy, to optimizing the ads that you will run soon.

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