Why Should You Write a Blog?

By combining the two, a website is expected to get free visitors who come to the blog page via Google search.

And it is hoped that these visitors can make transactions on other website pages that contain information related to products or services.

It can also be said that blogs are currently being used as a free promotional tool for a website because it does not require money to do so.

If you are a businessman or have the intention of creating a website, then consider adding a blog to it.

Apart from being a free media promotion to attract visitors. Blogs can also make it easier for you to increase credibility.

For example, you are a healthy food Chad Email List entrepreneur. So in the blog section you can discuss topics such as healthy food recipes, recommendations for healthy food products and so on.

By discussing this topic on the blog, it will increase customer confidence that you are a professional in your field. And hopefully by doing so can increase sales.

To maximize the results of your blog you have to learn a number of things such as keyword research, trend research and SEO (Search Engine Communication).

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How to Get Money from Blog

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Apart from selling the products or services that you offer, you can get money from your website in several ways, namely:

1. Display Ads

If your website has a blog and has many visitors every month. Then your blog can be monetized.

The way to “monetize” a blog is by displaying advertisements from ad publishers. An example is Google Adsense.

You will get money if visitors see your ad or there are visitors who click on the ad banner on the blog.


2. Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn money from affiliate marketing, namely by recommending a product or service. And you will get a commission if someone makes a purchase.

Currently, there are many choices of products or services that use this method to attract customers. An example is the affiliate program implemented by several e-commerce companies in Indonesia, such as Tokopedia and Shopee.


3. Create Memberships

Apart from the two ways above, you can get money from a blog by creating a membership for visitors.

Usually this membership exists for content that is exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

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The difference between a blog and DV Leads a website is essentially the function or purpose of making it. This is because the blog itself is part of the website.

Blogs have an important role in bringing in and increasing the number of organic visitors to a website. So, gradually people who were just looking for some information turn into buyers on the website that you manage.

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