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Subsequently, the development can be divide according to various criteria, using the AIDA or Call to Action model. Press release example In short: a press release should simply answer the basic questions: What? – what happene? Premiere, new product, change… Where? – to which company, position, person does this situation apply? Where was the premiere, conference? When? – date of the event. Why is it important? – the answer to this additional question can help journalists understand why such information may be of interest to them.

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There may be more additional questions: how? With whom? What for? E.t.c. We recommend Commplace – PR agency advises – take care of good press! The Latest Mailing Database information should be ranke in terms of importance, listing the most important ones first. The material must always be date and contact details of a person who can provide more information. A press release is a basic PR tool that allows you to communicate important information for the company. Apart from the statement, it is also a basic tool use in crisis management . If you do not issue a message to the meia in the face of the company’s difficult situation, the narrative impose by someone else will prevail.

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How to write a press release? Knowing these basic rules, you can already write a flawless press release. However, it is no secret that some journalists receive hundres of such information daily. Basic knowlege of the craft may not be enough! First, the DV Leads title should be worde correctly. It is on it that the eitor’s gaze will stop, who will decide in a fraction of a second whether to open the message. Initially, you can write a few or even a dozen title suggestions and only choose the best one from among them. You can also subscribe to the press offices and newsletters of the best companies in the industry to see how they do it.

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