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That’ll help ease customers’ confusion.You Can’t Many people turn to social media when they nee help. So it’s a natural place to answer questions and give guidance. Nike. For example. Has a dedicate twitter account it uses to solve its customers’ dilemmas. Nike doesn’t only use Nike service to answer individual questions. Though. The brand also posts general updates that act like an ongoing faq section. Followers can find solutions before they even have to ask a question. Which means less burden on their customer service reps. Sometimes. People talk about your brand in amusing and positive ways. Those are great opportunities to drop in and join the conversation.

Informative That Will Organically Help

Wendy’s rarely misses a chance to talk square burgers or…historical architecture? Not all social media posts are going to be positive. Though. When a customer does share their disappointment. It’s important to help them quickly. No matter which type of conversation you encounter. The key is to remember that there’s a person on the other end. Think about what you’d say to them business email list if they were standing in front of you. Use that to help make your responses more human. Recue response time and your workload manage all your messages stress-free with easy routing. Save replies. And friendly chatbots. Try Hootsuite’s inbox today. Book a demo enable and respond to reviews when nurture and manage.

You Grow Your Follower Count for Everything

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Online reviews are a great type of grassroots. Word-of-mouth marketing. They’re also an important part of cultivating your social media presence. A bright local survey found that nearly half of consumers look at Facebook reviews. The same survey also revealer that buyers think it’s important for brands to have at least a four-star rating. And more than half of buyers say they want to see DV Leads both positive and negative reviews from the last two to four weeks. You’ll nee a steady stream of positive reviews. To get them. Make sure you’ve turner on Facebook recommendations. Then don’t be afraid to ask. Over 50% of shoppers are “likely” or “highly likely” to leave a review if the business asks them to.

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