Therefore, you send the necessary data for search engines to rank and even improve your position with White Hat SEO alone. Another tip to ease the implementation process is to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper tool which is geared towards webmasters. Correctly structured data markup makes it easy for Google to provide the best search experience for its users. In addition, it collaborates with the Internet user by contributing more relevant data to the SERP. In addition, it is a great ally for SEO. Data tagging wizard Markup helper for structured data makes it easy to use schema in JSON-LD or Microdata. So, to use this tool you enter the page where you want to place the structured data.

It highlights the points you want to mark on your page and correctly sorts them according to the chosen markup. Lastly, you choose to view the HTML in JSON-LD or Microdata and then just download the generated script block and add it to your HTML header. Structured Data Markups for Website There are types of Markups: ISSN, Title (name), Description, Language ). Structured data markup examples Data tagging for e-commerce Collections Page Essential data markup type for category and class pages on e-commerce platforms like VTEX, Magento, Tray and others. data: Title, Description, URL and item List Element. products page Ideal data markup for product pages on VTEX, Magento, Tray e-commerce platforms.

In addition to product pages that can be sold online: Title, Description, SKU, URL, Image, Logo, Price and Reviews. Breacrumbs The online store should also be concerned with structured data markup because it increases the chance of this rich snippet appearing on Google. Tag able data: additional Type, alternate Name, image, main . Entity Of page name, potential . Action, same, subject Of, url. Data tagging for local businesses Useful for local SEO strategies even for small and medium-sized businesses. Data to be marked: address, opening hours, payment methods, local currency, price range, reviews, logo, URL and others. Data tagging for Blog and news sites Content production for Awareness also needs to rely on structured data markup in blogs. Just as news sites need this type of optimization such as: creative work (Image/Video), body text, editorials, date and time.

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