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Following on from this success, we are sharing a series of blogs on key insights. If you were there, you will find a nice summary here. If you miss it, you can catch up here. We kick off the series with four ways two inspirational leaders are laying the groundwork for success and a great customer experience during this challenging time. Read on for tips from Elke Laeremans, CIO/COO at the Belgian shoe chain Torfs , and from André van Troost, CEO at Lely , the Dutch producer of robot systems for the agricultural sector. We all know how important a streamlin customer experience is and how you deliver it depends on your organization, your customers and your contact channels.

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Yet there are a number of building blocks for success that are relevant for all sectors, from B2B to B2C, whether you sell shoes to consumers like Torfs, or robots to farmers like Lely. 1. Show your customers you care It’s important to show your customers how important they are to you, whether in person or online. Retailers such as Torfs Slovenia Phone Number List were hit hard by the lockdown, with stores closing for more than four months. But with some digital intelligence and a lot of attention to its customers, the company nevertheless manag to flourish. “At Torfs, we’re not just talking about the customer experience, we’re talking about customer appreciation,” Laeremans explains. “For over 70 years we have put the customer at the center of everything we do in-store and we do the same digitally.

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By focusing on the user in every phase of the digital journey, just like Torfs, you can create an experience in which every customer feels seen and valu, and therefore keeps coming back. 2. Keep customer contact warm even after the sale DV Leads After-sales service is an essential part of the customer journey. With digital channels, a personal touch can be tricky, but by making information easily accessible and automating common tasks, you can free up customer service agents to have more relevant conversations with customers.

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