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Have a message to share I don t write a newsletter. To me that is mindfulness. 2 I see the people who get my emails Every newsletter that is sent reaches a person . No machine. No number newsletter subscriber 4587 . But a man of flesh and blood. With nes feelings and thoughts. Three simple questions I like to ask myself before schuling a newsletter are Would I like to receive this newsletter myself Would I like to read the content myself How would I feel reading it I send out newsletters that I would like to receive and read myself. And that don t scare me but would do me good.

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To me that is mindfulness. 3 I m making an offer that may or may not be accept Surefire ways to make newsletters “work” and get people to buy certain products have a name Manipulation. I refrain from successful formulas and Austria Phone Number List formats for newsletters because I don t want to funnel people into my offers. I know I can t get anyone to work with me. But I can make offers . And open up communication spaces . These offers and communication spaces can be accept or not and I accept it. In this sense “selling in emails” and “mindfulness” are not mutually exclusive for me.

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For me mindfulness does not mean never being allow to talk about my offers. For me mindfulness means that I see the people to whom I make offers as subjects and not as funnel objects . If I notice that my offers and DV Leads communication spaces are not being us I don t see it as a sign to work with more pressure but to get in touch . To me. to other people. Three simple questions I like to ask myself when my offers aren t accept are How can I communicate even better what I m about What was mathematically possible.

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