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Conclusion If itorial plans give you structure and do you good – great. I would love to continue working with itorial and content plans in your marketing. However if itorial plans have always stress you out more than they help you it might be an idea to do without itorial plans for a while . Yes you can Work with product relat plans and writing routines otherwise allow yourself the flexibility you ne in terms of time and subject matter to be able to work creatively and at your own pace.Mindful Email Marketing Manifesto June 5th I ve been thinking about it more and more often lately. I sometimes read this thought when freelancers talk about their newsletter on their website.

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I hear this thought from time to time when other freelancers talk to me about email marketing . Especially with the self employ for whom mindfulness is important I perceive this thought relatively often. Namely it s the thought that sending out a newsletter infrequently is a form of mindfulness . Sign up for my newsletter Armenia Phone Number List it says on the website for example I ll only get in touch with you once a month. This phrase has got me thinking for the last few weeks and I sat down for the first time and thought about how mindfulness and email marketing are relat for me.

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The result is a manifesto for mindful email marketing. And this is what mindful email marketing looks like to me 1 I ll get in touch if. I have something to say Sometimes I have something to say once every two weeks .  And everything DV Leads is fine. In this sense even the newsletter that is sent out once a month can be careless. Namely when it is written with the intention of having to get in touch. Again or because Coach X said that I absolutely have to write seven emails when I launch. I m reaching out because I know the email I m writing has an important message that other people should hear.

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