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The headlines should not necessarily contain sober keywords such as Coaching Berlin but e.g name your coach illustrate a benefit of your product or just a practical And that s what my customers say about product X . Just for fun I creat two headers for my Mastermind sales page one without SEO in mind and one with SEO in mind. Of course it s a bit exaggerat but see if you can spot a fundamental difference in readability. Sales page header without SEO in mind. Here I name the product on the one hand and the benefits on the other “Become visible online increase your reach etc.

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Sales page headers with SEO in mind. Here I try to include relevant keywords like “find mastermind group” and “business mastermind”. So what to do In my experience the best strategy for coaches is not to overly focus on SEO on Belize Phone Number List the sales page and instead work with a blog as well. Blog articles are much easier to optimize for keywords . In addition you don t have to limit yourself to just one keyword you can write umpteen blog articles for umpteen keywords. And in these SEO articles you can then link your coaching offer. This means your sales page can be a sales page and help people make purchasing decisions. And your blog can bring new people to your site.

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This strategy works particularly well in combination with email marketing You tell your newsletter subscribers that you have a new offer and link to your sales page. SEO on the sales page – conclusion If you are an SEO text DV Leads and sales page writing professional and have a product in the two digit range then go ahead and optimize your sales page for search engines. But if you are an inexperienc writer and or offer higher pric services then don t make your life so difficult. Leave the function of your blog to bring new people to your website and focus on one thing with your sales page selling.

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