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What role does the sales page play in the customer journey That s why we don t necessarily want to reach people on a sales page who don t know us yet but rather people who already know us and already have confidence in us. Therefore the function on a sales page is not necessarily the findability in search engines but Working out the benefits of the product create even more trust through testimonials Discussing and weakening purchase hurdles Answering the most important questions about the product Because if someone already knows us and is considering working with us it is precisely these things that they ne for the purchase decision.

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It is rather difficult for coaches to have a sales page optimiz for search engines that fulfills these functions. Not impossible no. But difficult. Especially for those unfamiliar with sales page copywriting or SEO copywriting. SEO Belarus Phone Number List texts vs. Salespage texts This is because texts optimiz for search engines and sales texts are very different. What does SEO text look like Texts that have been specially optimiz for certain keywords aim to share information and add value . SEO texts therefore often have these rather boring headlines and subheadings.

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SEO texts are often overview articles instructions tips… Because their goal is not necessarily to sell a product but to be found in search engines . For example this is a typical SEO article. In addition to these sober factual subheadings this text also has a table of contents and an FAQ section . And the content of the text is also quite DV Leads unspectacular. It s a collection of information and tips. What do sales pages look like A sales page should never be just a sober series of information especially when it comes to higher pric offers from coaches. Here is my product. That s includ. That’s what it costs.” – that sounds pretty boring and probably wouldn’t persuade anyone to book your coaching.

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