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How do I host an online live event without Facebook May 27th Together with the participants of my mastermind I organiz the online festival Mindful Marketing for the Self Employ at the end of May. The special thing We held the online event completely without social mia. It was also an absolute first for me because I us to hold and organize online events mostly with the help of Facebook or Facebook groups . Are you interest in how an online live event could be carri out completely without social mia Maybe you are planning a workshop series a challenge an online congress or something similar and would now like to know what social mia free options are available.

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In this blog article I will tell you how we design our online. Festival for mindful marketing for the self employ without social mia and Support of the participants live. Events and the provision of the records organiz. I will also draw a conclusion and tell you how the participants from my point of view got along with the social mia free Bolivia Phone Number List platforms. So go Contents Support of the participants without social mia Go live without social mia Share recordings without social mia Hosting an online live event without Facebook – my conclusion Support of the participants without social mia In the past I have look after the participants from my online live events in FB groups.

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It was pretty useful too Almost everyone has Facebook. Facebook groups are free. Almost everyone knows how FB groups work. This makes it easy for most participants to ask questions and network with other participants . In our DV Leads online event we have now us Slack as a social. Mia free alternative to the FB group . Slack is actually a tool for digital collaboration in teams. And after I got to know and love Slack for supporting my mastermind participants it made. Sense for me to test it at the online festival.

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