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Why is it difficult for me to talk about my offer Am I not behind it anymore Would you like to offer something else Why am I afraid of the reactions to my emails Do I only send newsletters because I “have to” Not using mindfulness as a free pass for invisibility and instead tracking down resistance. For me that is mindfulness. Google  31. May I want my sales page to rank high in Google This is what a customer who works as a coach wrote to me recently. Of course this wish is understandable Wouldn t it be great if we creat a sales page for our offer optimiz for search engines and everyone who search for Coaching Berlin for example land directly on our offer and book us right away.

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That sounds nice. Unfortunately this idea as tempting as it may sound does not necessarily correspond to reality in most cases. Who is even ready to buy – now for real With search engine optimization we attract new people to our website yes. But a maximum of 3 of them are ready to buy at this moment. To put it in concrete Bahrain Phone Number List terms If 100 people see your sales page a month 3 of them are even considering a collaboration at that moment. The other 97 are not ready yet. Not for a long time. They still have to get to know you better and build trust in you.

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In the case of cheaper products such as sewing patterns e books mini courses templates etc. not so much trust may be necessary. But as a coach If coaching is in the three four or even five digit range the probability that someone DV Leads who is on the sales page for the first time will book a coaching directly is rather low. Not to mention that it is rather unrealistic for freelancers who are untrain in SEO to get 100 people per month with a single keyword on the sales page.

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