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That people who are in wheelchairs for example really go off and squirm to get out banging their heads against the wall and so on. Then we always made sure that we cushion people a bit or Then you can still have a strong authoritarian position with little knowledge get representation. Gordon I like to think so. something.Vladislav Mhm cool good example. Gordon And that was always totally fascinating as soon as there was a white coat these people went quiet.

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And that is apparently also the case the doctor in the white coat is a person of respect or authority. Vladislav At the end of the day it just has something to do with trust as is so often the case with sales and blogging – “I trust the doctor”. Gordon Exactly. Vladislav I also trust my doctor. And I trust most cops too. laughs Gordon Laughs Germany Business Email List I can say from personal experience I wouldn t do it again Laughs But of course you re right you still have to do what they say. Let s now make the bow to blogging because that s our topic today. Vladislav Gladly. Gordon Authority in blogging how and why Vladislav The exciting thing about blogging is that context is king.

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That means you ne to become an authority in your field as a smart blogger. And the fascinating thing is you don t necessarily ne knowlge. It s an advantage if you have knowlge but you don t necessarily ne it. Because like I said before the DV Leads issue of authority is always about appearance it s what other people say about you and how other people think about you. And theoretically you can really be someone who doesn t have a lot of knowlge but if you ve had a lot of speaking gigs if you have good contacts with magazines and use all these banners on your blog.

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