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Exactly that s this definition which I can live with extremely well as you know what to talk about. I once wrote something for the Huffington Post that had nothing to do with my business I just ask I m a father I m doing a podcast for myself blah blah blah can I write something for you And then came back yeah do it. We have so many mom bloggers we think it s cool if we also have a dad blogger. And if I were to write in my blog now which has nothing to do with being a dad Gordon Schönwalder known from the Huffington Post then.

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I would also be seen as an authority because people think Oh the Schönwalder and the Huffington Post that must be something rad ” And actually it s not that that was a completely different topic that was more of a satirical article than extreme blogging content. But still something is attribut to me from the outside oh Schönwalder was with Greece Business Email List Huffington he must be a totally crass blogger . He isn t Vladislav That s just what s so fascinating and human. It s psychology it clicks and you just can t help it. Gordon Exactly exactly. And you ll be more successful when you become an authority in your field and know what you re saying. And that s the point you ne to reach as a smart blogger.

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Correct Vladislav Right Gordon Good. And the elephant who is now in the room How the heck do you become an authority in your DV Leads field How does one become an authority in general We have settl that. If I were a doctor that alone would give me a certain advantage over others. Or clothing and ucation. But of course there are other things too. Vladislav We have already touch on that namely the topic of knowlge.

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