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Now I’m going to discover Belgian beers with a few colleagues in a pub around the corner from the office. I’m excit! 15/12/2021 BY ALICE FRAIN Four ways retailers can measure holiday ecommerce success IN COMMERCE , COMMERCE CLOUD. ECOMMERCE , HOLIDAY READINESS , RETAIL Four ways retailers can measure holiday ecommerce success Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! If you are a retailer, you don’t think about the holidays until November like others, but you prepare for the big crowds from the summer.

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By October, you’ve already had months of planning, analysis, and preparation for the weeks that are critical to your brand’s sales. Then why wait until the holidays to measure your success? As a professional who has been in retail for over two decades, these are my top tips for accurately measuring the performance of your Bolivia WhatsApp Number List holiday activities. Get the new holiday planning guide Discover what the future holds for retailers during the holiday season of 2021. Check out the new holiday planning guide Traditional benchmarks for ecommerce success may fall short You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s okay to repeat it again: 2020 was in no way comparable to other years.

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Online spending increas by 50% around the holiday season, making it one of the best times ever for online stores. Consumers spent $1.1 trillion online worldwide, up from $723 billion in the previous year. That said, annual growth DV Leads and revenue targets aren’t the best indicators of ecommerce success around the holiday season in 2021. It’s helpful to review these numbers, but be aware that unlike in recent years, they aren’t a determining factor in measuring of success. 1. Link goals and figures to contingency plans. Measuring e-commerce success isn’t just about looking back – it’s about planning ahead and anticipating the unexpect. This is where the emergency plan comes in handy.

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