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Put processes before numbers Instead of chasing arbitrary goals and numbers I focus on processes . I no longer intend to publish x blog articles per month but to write x hours a day . Of course you can also plan to write x hours a week if writing doesn t play such a big role for you as it does for me. I make myself some tea put on nice music to write with and enjoy my beautiful writing ritual. I use my menstrual cycle as a guide Sounds crazy but it s pretty awesome I have found that my writing skills are link to my cycle. In the first half of the cycle I m a real idea machine and I m best at brainstorming ideas and writing short crisp texts.

The Psychological Pricing That Suggests

If I were to decide at this stage to write an informative detail text or do SEO I would probably die of borom. In the second half of the cycle I m rather uncreative and can work things off best . In this phase I like to help myself Argentina Phone Number List to my collection of ideas and can also write long informative texts. The inner critic who wakes up on time for PMS is happy when she can research keywords and optimize texts for search engines. That s why PMS always means to me It s SEO time And does that work For me yes.

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That a Product is Cheaper

The year is 22 weeks old and I have already publish 22 blog articles. When I was still working with itorial plans it was in the DV Leads years 2021 24 blog articles 2020 14 blog articles 2019 16 blog articles 2018 9 blog articles 2017 10 blog articles Yes I count extra Since I no longer torment myself with itorial plans I not only have more time but am also more creative and productive than I have been for a long time.

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