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Think about what you stand for as a company and stick to it to make sure you stay on track,” he says. “That doesn’t necessarily have to be something drastic in terms of sustainability . Sometimes it’s just something small.” HEMA is a good example that the rapid growth of your online activities can very well go hand in hand with a great customer experience. By using digital innovations and at the same time putting the customer and your own core values ​​at the center of every decision, you create a win-win situation. Also for your customers.

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About HEMA The first HEMA store open its doors in Amsterdam in 1926 and valu simplicity, quality and affordability. Today, the retail chain has more than 775 stores in twelve countries. The wide product range, from kitchen utensils to children’s clothing, is produc sustainably within the own chain. Would you like to know more Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List about Commerce Cloud and how this product enables HEMA and other retailers to maximize flexibility, scale up quickly and optimize the customer experience? Then go toIncreasing biodiversity with a food forest: we make it happen! IN COMPANY , SUSTAINABILITY Increasing biodiversity with a food forest: we make it happen.

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Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! Take one organization with the mission to be a platform for change, many enthusiastic partners who, like us, want to give DV Leads something back to the planet and one fanatical organic farmer with space in his yard for 9,000 trees. The result is the Salesforce & Friends Zonnego Food Forest. In other words, our own food forest! 1 trillion trees worldwide thanks to It is no surprise that we have no time to lose when it comes to concrete actions on climate change. But we don’t make the difference alone.

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