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Covid has push omni-channel in a completely different direction,” says Flint. “The result was that we quickly set up new customer journeys.” Thanks to these new customer journeys, HEMA has succe in increasing online ordering and delivery capacity by 50% within a few months. Choose the right partners Responding quickly to change is only possible if you work with the right parties. According to Flint, HEMA’s flexibility is partly due to the carefully select partners. “Usually you don’t know you’ve got the right partners until things start moving faster,” says Flint.

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HEMA has been relying on Salesforce Commerce Cloud for its webshop since 2018 . Thanks to the flexibility of this platform and the close cooperation with Salesforce, HEMA was able to quickly roll out all the facilities for the new customer journeys. “With Salesforce, we had a working environment with the necessary functionality Cyprus WhatsApp Number List in no time,” says Flint. Think about what your customers really want If you want to grow, you will have to attract new customers. But always think about your loyal customers and what they expect from you, especially if your NPS (Net Promoter Score) is important to you . “I think both new and existing customers care about the same things,” says Flint. “For our customers, that is a good balance between fast delivery and reliability.

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To ensure that HEMA was able to keep to the promis delivery times during the scale-up period, the company adjust the delivery time. “We realiz that our customers thought it was more important to have certainty about when DV Leads they receiv their purchase, even if it was a day later than they were us to,” says Flint. “And that has done our NPS a lot of good.” Honor your company’s core values Finally, Flint would like to say that it is crucial to honor the values ​​of your company during a period of growth.

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