Figma is unquestionably the leading software

 The different types of variables in figma: colors . Strings . Numbers and boolean operators variables can be organized into collections . For example . If you are creating a design system . It will be useful to have a collection that contains only the colors you will use in the project  . Not mixed with other numeric or string variables. To create collections starting from variables already created . Simply make a multiple selection of variables and right-click to choose the item: new group with selection from the contextual menu. It is possible to organize variables in figma into collections however . The power of variables also lies in their ability to assume different modes . That is . Different values based on the occasion of use.

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 We can describe variables as a mechanism email List for storing values : what kind of values? Variables can store numeric values . Text strings . Colors . And boolean operators (colors . Numbers . Strings . Boolean). To access variables make sure you have nothing selected in your design area. On the right of the interface you will notice the icon (marked in the image) . Which will open the local variables libraries. Where to find local variables in figma come creare variables in figma once the collection of variables is open (as shown in the image above) you can use the + create variables button located at the bottom of the window and choose whether to create a color . String . Number or boolean variable.


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Figma is unquestionably the leading DV Leads software for designing and  prototyping user interfaces ; however . What makes it even more popular and powerful are its libraries of variables (not to be confused with variants ) . Useful both in the definition phase of a design system and in the prototyping phase to create realistic and interactive mockups . Let’s take a closer look at what variants are (and what variables are ) and what they can be useful for. What are variables in figma (variables) as of this writing . The variables are still in beta; but it is almost certain that they will become a pivotal element for ui/ux designers and front-end developers who use figma for product development.


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