Google Analytics How It Works, Functions and Features

Every business that has a website wants to know how their website is progressing, and one of the ways is with the Google Analytics tool.

Google Analytics is basically us to find out what data is on the website, then this data is analyzed to determine the next marketing strategy.

In this article, Sasana Digital will discuss what Google Analytics is and its features.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is provided by Google Marketing Platform, and the tool is free to anyone with a Google account.

Tools such as Google Analytics are us to gather insights from website visitors such as visitor behavior, number of visitors, demographics, and measure how the website is performing.

In addition, this tool also helps you find Brunei Email Lists out where the most sources of website traffic come from, and also measure the success of advertising campaigns.

You can also find ways to connect with users and get other visitor information such as the device or devices used.

By using the various data above, an online business whether small, medium, or large can use this data as a reference in formulating more effective advertising campaigns.

The data can also be us to increase website traffic and turn visitors into consumers or customers.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

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Customer or website visitor data obtained by Google analytics comes from the use of page tags. Page tags are inserted into the pages on the website. The form of the page tag itself is in the form of JavaScript code.

This code will run on the browser and will collect data on every visitor. Who visits your website, then the data is sent to Google’s data server.

After that, Google Analytics will generate a DV Leads report that can. Be customiz to track and describe data such as the number of visitors.

In fact, data such as Bounce Rate, Average Visitor Duration, Goal Achievement, etc. will appear.

The function of the page tag is to collect visitor information on browsers that visit your website. However, because page tags rely on Cookies, visitors who disable Cookies will not have their data available.

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