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It is these moments when you can make the most impact with an integrat and constant experience. We have identifi the following six common scenarios: Prematurely abort sales transactions Reeming vouchers Order on behalf of a customer Personal recommendations Transaction emails View order history Solution Kits help you provide a continuous experience Because of the importance and revenue impact of these six use cases, Salesforce has develop a series of Solution Kits. In these kits, we’ve gather best practices, considerations, and other materials to help you build a consistent experience.

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This gives you everything you ne to deliver an effective and personaliz shopping experience, resulting in better customer communication, greater engagement and more loyalty. Below you will find a description of the available Solution Kits. Abandon Sales Solution Kit – This kit helps you connect with customers who have add items to France WhatsApp Number List their cart in Commerce Cloud, but haven’t yet complet their order. Voucher Remption Solution Kit : With this kit you have target customer journeys and you can increase the number of positive purchase decisions. Solution Kit for Ordering on Behalf of a Customer : This kit allows your employees to place orders on behalf of customers who ne help, for example because they don’t have internet access or can’t find certain products.

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Personal Marketing Recommendations Solution Kit : This kit helps you keep customers interest in your products by sending them recommendations via email bas on items they’ve previously purchas. Solution Kit for Transaction DV Leads Emails : This kit allows you to inform customers via email about the status of their orders, rucing the number of calls to customer service. View Order History and Cancel Orders Solution Kit : With this kit you provide better customer service and give your employees the ability to cancel orders. Get start today with these Solution Kits to deliver a consistent and integrat customer experience.

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