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That means I still have the profiles but I ve unfollow a large part of the accounts so that when I look inside I only see what I really want to see. I delet the apps from my smartphone and only look at them on the desktop. I haven t post anything for months but I don t want to rule out that I ll do it again at some point. I still run ads though. In the meantime I also had a virtual assistant who creat the posts and captions for me. Unfortunately that didn t work so well for me because of the lyrics… Interesting that you mention outsourcing. Because that was the first thing I tri when I was tir of social mia. But it never really work for me.

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Yes my VA had done really well. She wrote great captions and everything look great but it was never quite me. It seems somehow difficult for personal brands to outsource social mia. Also I see it like this My potential customers Malaysia Phone Number List already have an ongoing online business and like to outsource social mia to VAs themselves. That means I would hire my VA to create content for the VAs of my potential clients. So pretty weird somehow. And how does “social marketing light” work in practice for you.

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How do you find customers for your online programs I would rather invest money than time in my marketing. So I decid some time ago that I don t want to launch anymore so I switch everything to Evergreen . Both in terms DV Leads of products and marketing. I have built a funnel through advertisements and use them to draw attention to myself. I promote my content or in the next step a freebie or a master class. I also focus on search engine optimization right from the start . I found you via google.

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