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Yes you see it works.  I ve had a podcast for five years now and there s an article for every episode . Of course this is a mium to long term strategy but it works very well for me. The podcast itself is more about building trust. Almost all of my customers have listen to my podcast – at least for a while. That s why I rarely write newsletters at the moment. Your motto is Scale with ease . How do you think lightness and social mia go together For me personally not at all. After it felt like it was getting louder and fuller and I m an introvert anyway at some point I had the feeling that I was being yell at from all sides. It didn t feel like lightness to me anymore.

Have a Few Things in Common in Business

I think it s important to talk about the concept of lightness again. For me lightness does not mean that there is nothing to do but that I do things that feel right to me and that make them easy. Sometimes lightness is present in such a way that I then do nothing at all and attract the customers in an almost magical way. I definitely Mexico Phone Number List don t mean that with ease. Without align action i.e. the implementation of things that are right for me unfortunately not much happens .. What always annoys me is when some strategies are present as the only solution and the ultimate solution.

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Private Company Worth More Than Billion

In my view that is not true at all. The best example for me is launching. In the online area it is always said You can only sell if you launch. But it works differently in many other sectors. What forms are there for scaling and is there a DV Leads right point in time that you recommend to your customers To me scaling isn t just about doing bigger launches and making more money. First of all it is important that you have built a coherent stable basis . Just so you don t start scaling the wrong stuff.

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