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How do I write my first book – Interview with author Sinem Straughan Nov 7 Sinem Straughan has achiev something that many people including me caling also works without social mia Interview with Simone Weissenbach June 21st dr Simone Weissenbach supports experts and coaches with online business in scaling their expertise sustainably but without the typical higher faster further. She shows you different ways to get more done with less effort through simple evergreen strategies that work for you 24 7. In your own way so that it suits you your customers and your business. In the interview I ask Simone.

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What role does social mia play in scaling Is there a right or wrong time for online entrepreneurs to scale Can I also scale completely without social mia and if so how Dear Simone you support individual entrepreneurs in scaling their expertise not according to any blueprints or secret strategies but quite individually. What role does Japan Phone Number List social mia play for your customers The role of social mia is actually quite different for my customers. From I don t use it at all to It s a main channel everything is represent. To me scaling doesn t mean that typical higher faster further and hustle hustle hustle but ideally to do more with less . And of course I have to know what works for me as an entrepreneur . That can be social mia but it doesn t have to be.

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And how is your own relationship to social mia What s it always call Relationship status is complicat. I ve been working online for nine years now and start with Facebook in the traditional way later Instagram was add. In DV Leads the beginning I also enjoy social mia. I even examin the topic from a scientific perspective and in my dissertation examin the extent to which social mia can be us as a teaching and learning tool. I hardly ever use social mia anymore. Social mia stresses frustrates and annoys me and has become a real time waster. What I m doing now could be describ as social mia light.

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