How does the Instagram Algorithm Work? Here’s the explanation

Relying on influencers for campaigns is quite effective in increasing brand awareness . Apart from that, you can also bring in new audiences to be interested in your product or service thanks to the influencer.

People who work in the digital marketing field usually call this campaign an endorsement, or endorsement in English .

However, you need to pay a certain amount to create this campaign . You can choose an influencer that fits your budget . Starting from nano, micro, macro, to mega influencers .

Great results will be obtained with good KOL management. You can direct influencers in a measurable way using KOL management knowledge.

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Contest or Giveaway

You may quite often see businesses holding product giveaways , or holding contests in exchange for door prizes .

Could it be that you yourself have participated in Aruba Email Lists this type of campaign and hoped for a prize?

In this campaign , luckily you can simultaneously give direction to the audience to take an action. For example, following accounts, liking and commenting on posts, as well as others.

For example, what Gojek did in one of their posts below.

In this post, Gojek clearly displays a message regarding their giveaway event .

Then, in the caption section they also convey the terms and conditions for participating in the event . Among other things, users must like , follow , comment, and others.


User-Generated Content (UGC)

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The UGC campaign example is one of the best ideas for marketing on social media.

UGC aka user-generated content is a type of content that is written, photos, videos, and others created by consumers. That way, the content in this campaign will give the impression of being ‘original’ and not contrived.

To create this marketing campaign , you can take ( repost ) consumer posts that contain your product. However, don’t forget to ask permission first that you want to repost his post to your business account.



Another example for a campaign idea can also be by showing the responses of customers who have used your product or service.

This campaign idea can be one of your effective DV Leads marketing strategies to increase sales.

By displaying positive reviews from previous customers, you can fight doubts and increase the trust of your prospective customers.

An example of this type of campaign is for example a post that Tokopedia uploaded to their Instagram account.

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