How to Advertise on Google Ads with Expert Mode

If on the previous screen you selected the. Expert Mode option, you can start creating a campaign with or without the initial ad.

When you want to place Google Ads ads with. Expert Mode, there will be several settings that you can see the steps below:

Switch to Expert Mode Option at the Bottom

In the initial display after logging in to your Gmail account, please select the “Switch to Expert Mode” option as shown above.

Step 2, determine the advertising goals/objectives (Goal) of the advertising campaign that you will run.

Unlike the Smart Mode which only Denmark Email List has 4 objectives, in this Expert Mode there are at least 7 different objectives ranging from Sales, Leads, to Local Visits for offline stores. In addition, you can also create campaigns without the Goals wizard.

Determine the Type of Ad Campaign to be Run

Country Email List

Next, you can choose the type of campaign to run. This campaign type will determine how and where your ads will appear. For example, Search that appears on the Google search page (SERP), Display will appear on Google partner websites that have AdSense installed, and so on.

In this next step, you are required to set ad settings based on their level, starting from Campaigns , Ad Groups, Ads , and finally Billing .

Billing settings are only done once because you have just created an ad account. Later, you can also rearrange how billing settings are on the Google Ads dashboard page.

Just like in Smart Mode, the settings in this billing section include billing country. Time zone, promo coupon, account type, tax information, and others.

After you create a campaign for the first time, whether DV Leads using ads or not. You will be directed to the Google Ads dashboard page as shown above.

Next, let’s discuss in more detail how to place ads on. Google through the Google Ads account dashboard that you created.

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