Complete the information and make arrangements for the advertising payment system

The next step, you have to fill in what your ad will look like when it is displayed. On the Google search page. In this section, you must fill in the words as interesting as. Possible in order to lure the audience to click and buy the products you offer.

You must fill in the title (Headline) and also a description of the title. In addition, you can fill in a telephone number so that the audience can contact you later.

The settings in this section will later adjust to the advertising objectives you previously selected.

 Enter the ad keywords you want to target

In this 5th step, you must determine what Cuba Email List keywords you want to target so that later when your audience types these words, your ad can appear.

You can do research in advance using tools such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, or 3rd party tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and so on.

What you should pay attention to is the number of monthly searches, estimated price per click (Cost per Click/CPC), and other parameters that are important.

Determine the Location of the Ad You Want to Target

Country Email List

In this step, you can choose where your ad will appear. You can choose more than 1 location, whether it’s a country, city, district, or sub-district.

Step 7, you have to fill in how many Google Ads advertising budgets or daily budgets you want to run. Later, Google will bring in an audience through ad clicks according to the nominal amount that must be spent per day.

After the settings are complete, you can review (Review) the Google Ads ad campaigns that have been previously set.

Before the ad is run, you must first set up the Google Ads ad payment system. You have to fill in some detailed information such as country, time zone, type of advertising account, tax information, DV Leads business name, and location. Steps.

After everything is done, you can click Publish and your ad will be displayed after being reviewed first by Google. Google will identify the ad that you make whether it is approved or not.

Typically, this identification process takes one day. If the ad is approved, then you can see your ad installed and displayed to the potential audience.


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