How to Place Ads on Google Ads with Smart Mode

You can select the Smart Mode option by filling in your business name, then clicking Next to go to the next ad settings.

If you are a professional marketer who wants to choose the Expert Mode option, you can click on the words “Switch to Expert Mode” at the bottom.

For a more complete discussion on how to place ads on Google Ads using Smart Mode or Expert Mode, please see the description below!

Smart Mode is a campaign mode that you can choose if you are not a professional marketer and just want to try to market your products, services or services to your audience through Google Ads.

The following are the steps for placing ads on Google Ads using Smart Mode:

Fill in your Business Name and Website/Landing Page URL

First, you must fill in what your business name is in the column provided, then click Next to fill in your website URL.

The website URL that you enter must be Croatia Email List your own website, not the website URL of your shop on the Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak marketplaces, and so on. This is because later there will be a tracking code (Tracking Code) that you must install on the website.

View the Website Landing

Country Email List

Page Preview of your Ad (Mobile & Desktop)After you fill in the website URL, Google will identify what kind of website you will use as your ad’s landing page. You can see it with Mobile or Desktop view. After that, click Next .

The third step, you must determine what your DV Leads advertising goals are. Do you want to get lots of incoming calls, sales/leads, visits to physical stores, or get lots of Views and Engagement on your YouTube account.

These four options are provided in Smart Mode, but in Expert Mode you can see there will be more than 4 advertising objectives.

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